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About Leann

Looking back on life in my teens through my 30s, I felt horrible. Today, everything has changed, as I am living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and enjoying being a mother and grandmother.

Educating myself on healthier living gave me more than any bottle or fad infomercial thigh machine could. This knowledge has helped me educate my clients as a personal trainer.

At 5’3”, just barely out of my teens, I was faced with finding a wedding dress to hide my saddlebags and fat pockets. I was also dealing with colon discomfort. My mother even gave me a heating pad as a wedding shower gift, to help with my abdominal discomfort. I always made attempts at exercising, but was never consistent.

During my second pregnancy, my colon wasn’t functioning properly. I realized I needed to change my dietary habits and remove junk food from the equation. Although this change helped, I still had not found consistency in healthy living.

By age 35, the stress and exhaustion of running a beauty salon and my husband’s business took their toll on me. Doctors put me on synthetic hormones and anti-depressants. After realizing that these medications weren’t helping, I turned to herbal remedies and then, a psychiatrist. When he suggested exercising, something inside of me finally “clicked.”

I then committed to a consistent healthy regiment of weight-lifting aerobics, yoga, and nutrition. At age 40, the coach, parents, and team members of my son’s wrestling team were coming to me for exercise tips. This was the beginning of my journey as a personal trainer. As I was telling them what I know about strengthening, toning, and sculpting, I realized that I needed to become certified to be able to instruct properly.

In 1998, I became a certified American Fitness Professional personal trainer. I moved the weight equipment into my rec room, put mirrors up on the walls, and began booking clients.

In 2002, I opened the new body shaping facility featuring both a sauna and shower. When teaching strength training and cardio, I am always aware of each individual’s progress.

My journey is far from over and my goal is to seek and lead my clients to a path of good health and a healthy lifestyle.

Mind, spirit, body: Build all three and be forever strong!